3 penny slot tips for maximum success

Slot machines are becoming increasingly popular – they are the most popular games in casinos . And the most popular slots of all are so-called penny slots.

The most important penny slot tips at a glance:

Bet on all available paylines.

Find out how the bonus rounds work before you play.

Decide whether you want to play with increased volatility (less winnings, but these are bigger)

The basics of Penny slots are the same as for all other video slots or online slots . You have multiple paylines, bonus events and random events that determine what you see on the screen.

However, there are differences in Penny Slots to meet players’ expectations and needs.

Penny slot players need increased volatility. A 200-coin win brings you 10 euros when you bet 5 cents on a normal slot machine. In a penny slot, 200 coins are only 2 euros, which is just enough for a bag of chips in the nearest supermarket.

In order for players to win, penny slots need to be more volatile than higher denomination games. Large slot wins have to be offset by the possibility of quicker losses to keep the payback rates in balance.

Slot designers have achieved this by creating more paylines, making free spins the main bonus event for most penny slots, and incorporating multi-level progressive jackpots into many new games.

Now, of course, ask yourself the questions of how you should get started as a beginner. Below we have put together seven tips for you.

TIP # 1: Bet on all available paylines

You will usually find penny slots with 40 paylines. Some games have more. Some games, especially older ones, have fewer, and there are still games with 20 and 30 paylines to choose from.

With newer penny slots, players usually have to bet on all lines, so the minimum bet for a game with 40 lines is 40 cents.

However, in some games, players have the option of choosing a number of paylines and a number of coins that can be used per line.

With such games, it is even possible to bet on only one payline. But unless your goal is to risk a minimum of money while the reels are spinning with a small chance of winning, the one-line game is not the way to go.

Penny slots are already designed for high volatility. If you put fewer lines, the volatility is extreme. If you only bet one payline, you can no longer win on multiple lines at the same time. You only win if matching symbols are displayed in the middle line.

The result is much less winning spins and an extremely volatile game that only a few players enjoy.

An additional point: in some games, trigger symbols have to appear on an active payline to get a bonus event. If you only bet on one line, you will not only miss this bonus, but also big winnings.

TIP # 2: Find out how the bonus rounds work before you play

Touch the screen to access a penny slot’s pay table or help menu. Read everything carefully to learn all about the bonus events.

Almost all penny slots at free bonus spins. Some also have pick-a-bonuses where you touch icons on the screens for extra winnings.

Pay attention to how these rounds are started. Do you need to get matching bonus symbols? Can they be anywhere on the screen or do they have to be on the same payline?

Also check how many spins the free spins bring and whether there are special functions, e.g. B. Additional wild symbols in free spins or higher paid symbols.

More free spins give you additional chances of winning without wagering additional money. Adding high paying symbols and eliminating low paying symbols like A, K, Q, J and 10 gives you a better chance of winning bigger.

With free spins there is a risk that you will not win anything at all. This is necessary to balance big profits. Pick’em bonuses usually guarantee that you win something, but usually have lower maximum winnings than free spins.

TIP # 3:  Decide if you want to play with increased volatility

Penny slots themselves have increased volatility , but stacked symbols can increase them even more.

A stacked symbol is basically a normal symbol that can cover an entire reel when it is visible.

If you have a matching stacked symbol on every reel, then you really have something to celebrate. In a game with 40 paylines, you will receive the same payout 40 times.

The disadvantage is that if the symbols are not the same, they can stand in the way of other winnings. If you have a stacked symbol on the second reel, you can only win if you have symbols that correspond to the symbol on the first and third reels. The stacked symbol blocks all other possible matches between reel 1 and reel 3.

The effect is that you increase your chance of winning big, but you decrease your chance of winning smaller. When you encounter a game with stacked symbols, you have to decide whether you want it or not.

We hope you enjoyed reading these slot tips! It’s best to keep in mind that these tips won’t guarantee any winnings, but will only raise the chances of striking a winning. As always, remember to gamble responsibly!